ELASPONGE-DIVINA    is a revolutionising material for all types of boat and hotel cushion upholstery and for and everything related to outdoor furniture.

ELASPONGE-DIVINA   is a stretch cotton fabric.

The outside part in contact with the skin of the body consists entirely of natural cotton fibre. This feature prevents any allergic reactions that other synthetic materials (acrylic and polyester) could cause on the skin, especially if perspiring.

A specially designed elastomer is inserted in the inside part of the fabric for adhesion to any type and shape of pillow. This particularity gives it the appearance of real upholstery and not that of a simple, often creased liner, giving it a touch of elegance wherever it is being used.


ELASPONGE-DIVINA is especially suitable for all types of boating upholstery, outdoor furniture for hotels, residences, sport and golf clubs, on terraces, in gazebos and on lounge chairs.

Its advanced, specific anti-bacterial treatments make its surfaces immune from any contaminating bacteria that may be harmful to the skin. This property, which is UNIQUE compared to other materials intended for the same purpose, has made it particularly suitable for upholstery involving direct skin contact. For this reason, it is very popular and suitable for upholstering beds in wellness centres and spas.

What's more, its anti-bacterial treatments protect the fabric from stains and mould formation and from the release of odours typical of humid environments.



It became clear from market surveys in 2001 by the CM STYLE marking division that a need had arisen to solve problems related to covering cushions on boats. The search began for a lining that would be simultaneously practical, with minimum overall dimensions, for immediate assembly, that would be pleasant to the touch and give the feeling of dryness after having been outstretched under a wet body.

All these goals were achieved by CM STYLE, by purchasing raw materials of the highest quality, starting with raw cotton yarn, and using the best Italian companies in the textile, yarn dyeing, weaving, and different treatment companies over all production stages.

The first applications were geared for cushion upholstery for small boats from 4 to 6 m using a UNIVERSAL model which covered and fit the mattress at the bow of the boat.

After the first year of overwhelming success, and due to the growing demands on the part of ship owners and shipyards, CM Style began supplying covers for cushions on all types of boats, such as for the AZIMUT 38", ALA LUNGA, ADMIRAL, etc., without any size limitations.

For 5 years, from the start of ELASPONGE fabric production, as it was initially called (the name DIVINA was added later and registered for the U.S. market), the fabric was never sold to third parties. This happened only after the company was sure to have perfected the fabric in all its features.

Like all leading products on the market, Elasponge was immediately imitated. But, to our great satisfaction, for one reason or another, those who were at first tempted by the competition then returned to choose Elasponge, recognising its quality excellence and incomparable durability.

ELASPONGE-DIVINA is now widespread and well-known in all countries from the USA to Brazil, South Africa to New Zealand, and in the most famous shipyards such as HATTERAS, ALLOY GROUP, SAUTHERN WIND, SPIRIT-FERRETTI, FERRETTI GROUP, and WALLY GROUP.


Its unique features include:
- 100% cotton stretch terry cloth
- Water-oil repellent and waterproof
- Antimicrobial
- Anti-mite
- Anti-mould
- Prevents the spread of skin diseases
- High stability, solid or striped marine colours
- Reduces size volume compared to other traditional materials to one-third
- Easy, fast assembly
- Gives the appearance of a tapestry, does not crease
- Dries immediately, machine washable at 40/60°C, DOES NOT REQUIRE IRONING AFTER WASHING
- Does not need to be pre-wet
- Does not shrink, prevents loss of 8-10% of fabric

The patch heights allow for cushion coverage with pleats only on the sides for considerable time and labour savings
Patch length: 28-35 m
Patch height: 180 cm 
Solid colours: navy blue, royal blue, hazel, off-white, yellow, green, grey, sand, terracotta
Striped colours: white/navy blue, white/royal blue, white/yellow, white/green, yellow/blue, green/blue, hazel/navy blue, sand/navy blue


Finishes: terry cloth, velvet

The fabric can also be 100% waterproofedfor minimum quantities of 250 metres.

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