Our world famous products are ELASPONGE-DIVINA, BOAT FENDERS COVERS and SMS-FNC.

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ELASPONGE-DIVINA is a fabric that was created in 2001, revolutionising the boat and hotel cushion upholstery system.

Given its particular characteristics, it then went on to be used in any type of outdoor furniture, from garden furniture, gazebos, lounge chairs for swimming pools and beaches, in the hotel sector and at wellness centres and spas.

It improves appearance and hygiene wherever it is used.
Produced in 100% stretch cotton with unique characteristics: it is truly water and oil repellent, waterproof, antibacterial, anti-mould, anti-mite, suitable for ALL types of pillow upholstery, even when exposed to the most rigid weather conditions, is ONE-OF-A-KIND and INIMITABILE in its experience and success in the world for its durability and resistance, for its variety of assortment and customisation.
It is machine washable at 40°/60°C.

BOAT FENDERS COVERS  are the leading fender covers on the Italian and European markets.

Thanks to its unique characteristics, produced in all standard sizes of the most important fender manufacturers (POLYFORM, PLASTIMO, CASTRO, MAJONI, TAYLOR, etc.), today it is used by the leading shipyards and by private owners.
Produced in 100% stretch cotton with high UV resistant colours, high abrasion toughness and with stitching guaranteed for 5 years.

It does not opacify the sides of boats, it avoids crunching noises, and is machine washable at 90°C. ANY TYPE AND SIZE of fender cover can be produced, including for large sized Neoprene fenders.

 SMS-efc  is the internationally patented SMS-efc device that improves the combustion of diesel engines.
It can be applied on all types of Diesel engines, including generators, trucks, electrical control units, and agricultural engines.
Ensures fuel savings, longer filter and injector life, higher engine power and lower maintenance costs for all engine parts and tank cleaning.


A film that adheres to glass and Plexiglas materials by means of MICRO SUCTION CUPS. It is removable and leaves no trace on the surface it was removed from. Absorbs up to 95% of sunlight.